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Dr. Peter J. Middlebrook is the CEO of Geopolicity Inc. and Dignity Designed and Delivered Inc., as well as a senior international economist and government advisor. Middlebrook has previously served as a staff member of the World Bank (in the Vice President's Office), the European Union (in External Relations), and the UK Government (in Economic Growth), with experience in 45 countries. He has supported the international community's efforts on global issues and has substantial on-the-ground experience advising heads of state and executives in Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Middlebrook has led over 200 international projects for organizations such as the World Bank, UK Government, European Union, United Nations, Asian and African Development Banks, US Government, and various bilateral agencies. His areas of expertise include leadership, policy development, economic reform and transformation, public sector management, and environmental conservation and protection.

He has facilitated regional cooperation negotiations between Central Asia, South Asia, and Western Powers for the Heart of Asia Process and the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA), and supported regional cooperation initiatives in the Horn of Africa.

He was the lead economist on the US Government New Silk Road and led the design of the Marshal Plan for the MENA region. Additionally, he has directed the execution of national economic and public finance reform programs, covering debt management, national budget formulation, and post-conflict needs assessments. He has also led the drafting of several National Development Strategies and Plans and is a recognized global expert in public finances. He continues to advise numerous Heads of State and has been appointed by Presidential Decree to National Economic Councils. He was the lead expert on the design of the Azerbaijan United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF). Middlebrook currently directs economic policy-related work for countries ranging from Tajikistan to Egypt and from Kosovo to India.

He is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, including the Global Environment Facility, the UN High Political Forum, Global Energy Markets, and on Environmental Conservation and Wildlife Protection.

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  • Lead Technical Adviser - US$ 100 billion Arab Stabilization Plan for the MENA Region focused on Economic Growth, Trade and Economic Viability.

  • Trade Policy and Economic Growth Advisor to UK Government, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. OECD, UNCTAD, Word Bank, African Development Bank.

  • World Bank Task Team Leader - Public Finance Management, Expenditure Management, Debt Sustainability and Sub-National Governance.

  • Key Expert – Global Commission for Global Security, Justice and Governance – The Hague Institute. Global report launched in The Hague, Washington DC and New York outlining structural changes to the existing global governance order.

  • World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Agenda Council on Youth Unemployment Youth Unemployment Principle Pledge Framework, International Business Council (IBC).

  • Team Leader on more than 25 Political Economy Analysis / Drivers of Change Studies including across the GCC, MEAN Region and Central Asia.

  • Advisor to the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI) putting in place a new financing strategy focused on development and blended financing models.

  • Lead Economist and Trade Expert on the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Central Asia, attended by 20 foreign and trade Ministers (2015). Technical Director including extractives sector.

  • Economic and Infrastructure Development (EID) Program for the Kabul International Conference – US$6 billion economic reform program (GoA-MoF / UK HMG), including design of the Extractive Industry Excellence Program, the Natural Resource Corridor Program.

  • Afghanistan Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy () – Afghanistan National Development Strategy () for the World Bank Vice-President’s Office.

  • Afghanistan 2004 Needs Assessment, a program (President Karzai’s Office - World Bank), leading to the establishment of the .

  • US$28 billion New Silk Road Strategy (US Government).

  • Design of more than 10 reforms and strengthening programs, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan etc.

  • National Coordinator – Afghan National Budget Formulation exercise – and lead on Provincial budgeting and planning and budgetary and execution functions.

  • PFM support programs in Afghanistan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Jordan, Somalia, UEA, Egypt and other countries, including PEFA, PER and MTFF/MTEF Development and monitoring PFM outcomes.

  • OECD DAC Policy Papers on Public Sector Reform and Economic Development, OECD DAC Implementation Framework for Security Sector Reform on PFM (IF-SSR) and Economic Liberalization and PFM reforms.

  • Development of than 15 national including machinery of government, cabinet reforms, functional reviews, senior leadership training and civil service reforms.

  • World Conflict Report (2012), Director and lead in establishing multi-country index on state stability, social and gender inclusion and political representation.

  • World Bank of the Security Sector and Security Sector PERs in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

  • Iraq Public Sector and Civil Service Modernization Program (I-PSM) (GoI – United Nations).

  • The and international security advisor to the United Nations and NATO.

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