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If Not Us Who?

Humanity is facing a paradox. Our domination over planet earth is both unstoppable and unsustainable. While the forth industrial revolution promises to digitize economic, social and environmental domains, poverty, social justice and ecological concerns continue to bedevil progress. In transitioning from government to governance, it is at the coal face where the heavy lifting must be done.

Perspectives From the Front Line

Peter Middlebrook Women in Leadership -

Women in Leadership in the Middle East

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CEO Future Perspectives with Voice of the Future Tariq Qureishy



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Understanding the Impact of Sanction on Iran


Supporting Governments On The Ground

UN High Political Formum - 2018 Achim St
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Harvard Business School Leadership on International Relations


OECD Building a Fragile Consensus Peter

Building a Fragile Consensus for OECD

This research paper seeks to answer three central questions: (i) how can different forms of liberalization be classified; (ii) how have liberalization policies and measures affected conflict-affected and fragile states; and (iii) what are the essential institutional governance preconditions to manage the liberalization and fragility interface?

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Ethiopia Resilient Recovery and Reconstruction Framework (RRF)

Recovery and reconstruction following the devastating conflict of November 2020 to November 2022 is an arduous task. The Ethiopia Resilient Recovery and Reconstruction Planning Framework (2023–28) is the Government of Ethiopia’s strategy  presents a structured framework of how to build back better, cleaner, and smarter. Right-Financing underscores the World Bank Approach.

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Assessing the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Kosovo

The report looks at the impact of the war in Ukraine on current and future energy, food, and material prices as well as growth, and fiscal and institutional spending futures; as a strategic foresight exercise. The analysis projects out to 2026 to assess emerging trends and proposed government response to deal with the crisis.

Supporting Governments On The Ground

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President Karzai - Peter Middlebrook - O

Working to Solve Afghanistan's Most Pressing Problems


The Silk Road Through Afghanistan - RECC

The Silk Road Through Afghanistan

With Dr. Richard Ponzio, Wahidullah Waissi and Dr, Jeff Stacey I was delighted to lead the economic work for the regional economic cooperation framework to integrate Central Asia, bringing the global international community together around a common narrative and agenda funded by Her Majesty's Government.

Somalia National Investment Strategy Pet

National Investment Promotion Strategy

As a member of the Somali National Economic Council (NEC) I was delighted to have supported His Excellency the Minister of Planning Gamal Mohamed Hassan and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in establishing the National Investment Promotion Strategy for Somalia.

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